Welcome to The Hairy Slut!

You may be asking yourself, what’s with the title?

I consider it a tribute to a long history of slutactivism. From the old-school Betty Dodson to the SlutWalks that are sweeping the nation, a lotta sweet-ass feminists are breaking down the term “slut.” I use the descriptor with pride; to mean a politics rooted in asking what the fuck is going on with the values assigned to certain bodies and peoples. This stretches from the de-valueing of bodies for the type clothes that cover them (ie “She was asking for it in that skirt”), issues of environmental racism and the like.

And the hairy bit? Well, it’s just true. The glances of disgust I encounter when I show my legs in public often carry this message of, “Who the fuck would sleep with you?”

Well, y’all have no idea…. 😉


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